5 Interesting Facts About Golf - National Golf Month - May

June 16, 2015


Some people used to see golf as a game for the rich and sophisticated, but that doesn’t stand true nowadays. Golf has become an extremely popular sport that practically anybody can play.  So what makes a game that involves swinging, hitting and shooting a ball straight into a hole interesting? These may not give you all the answers, but these five fun facts will definitely make you better understand the appeal of the sport.


Fun Fact Number One

Contrary to what some people were told, the word “golf” is not an acronym for Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden. In fact, more and more women are starting to play the game. As of 2011, there were approximately 6 million women golfers in the United States alone.

Golf is actually from the Dutch word “kolve”, which means club. Later on, this was changed to “glove” or “gouf” by the Scottish. The game was banned by Scotland’s king because it served as a distraction from their military training. They were prohibited from playing the game especially on Sundays.


Fun Fact Number Two

The marks you see on golf balls are called dimples. Golf balls do not have the same number of dimples. For example, an American golf ball has 336 dimples while British golf balls have 330 dimples. The number of dimples usually depends on the company that makes the balls. 

Golf ball dimples are said to help it fly more accurately and farther. 


Fun Fact Number Three

You’ll find golf balls on the moon. Two of them, in fact! NASA astronaut and American naval aviator Alan Shepard is known as the fifth man to set foot on the moon. He is also credited as being the only man who ever hit two golf balls while on the moon. The date was February 6, 1971.

Shepard’s famous lines after hitting the ball: “Miles and miles and miles”.


Fun Fact Number Four

According to tradition, if a Japanese golfer gets a hole-in-one, he is obligated to share his good luck with others. So he usually gives his friends gifts.  Sometimes, he may even throw a party. This is the main reason why Japanese golfers have a hole-in-one insurance. The term albatross is the term they used when referring to a hole-in-one.


Fun Fact Number Five

There are some really unique golf courses in different parts of the world. Some examples:


  • If you play in the Green Zone Golf Club, you’ll actually be playing in two different countries! Also known as Torino Golf Club, Green Zone’s first nine courses are in Finland while its next 9 are in Sweden. You can play anytime of the day, any season of the year. Basically, whether you play in the daytime or at night, you’ll still be able to experience golf under the sunshine. 

  • The Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok is not your ordinary airport, although it looks like one at first glance. Upon closer look, however, you’ll actually find a golf course in the middle of the runways! It’s operated and managed by the Royal Thai Air Force. If you love planes and golf, this course is definitely for you.

  • A “naturist” (for those who love to play the game while naked) golf course. Yes, there is one! Actually, this first nude golf course is found in a resort in France. Le Jenny has 9 hectares and 6 holes. This place also has a village center.

  • What all these facts tell us is that golf is a sport with a rich history. And its history is one of the reasons why it can be fun and exciting. 


Let us know, what was your favorite fact? 

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